Tuesday, September 19, 2017


 Post 1604. Tuesday September 19

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

I drive into the blackness leaving the dazzling lights of the city behind. Why is the road so empty? I should be almost home by now, but I’m not. Where am I? Did I miss a turning? I’ll turn around, yes, that’s what I’ll do. Go back and start again.

I’ve been driving for ages. I should be back in the city by now. But I’m not. Where am I?

My engine just spluttered. It’s stopping, I’m stopping. Oh no, the petrol gauge says empty. But I filled up before I left. How can it be? I’ll have to walk. Where's my torch? It should be in here. Where is it? It's gone.

Where am I? It is so dark. I can’t hear my footsteps? Where’s the moon gone? Why’s it so quiet? Why so still? I’m cold. I am so cold.

Is there anybody there? Please, help me. Where am I? Where am I...?

Word count 156

Thanks to Priceless Joy for hosting and to Pamela S. Canepa for the picture.

Sunday, September 17, 2017


Post 1602. Sunday September 17

My doctor said there was nothing more he could do. Just a matter of time he said. My clock was winding down!


Only one thing for it I thought, I’ll make one of those lists, bucket lists or whatever they’re called. And I did.

Great Wall of China. Tick. Parachute jump. Tick. Half marathon. Tick. Tallest building in the world. Tick. You name it, I’ve done it!

It’s my birthday today and there is just one thing left to tick off. I’m doing it at midday precisely. It’s like a bungee jump except there’s no cable attached to the bridge. A few seconds to go.


Word count 107

This week's inspirational photo prompt is provided by John Robinson.

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Post 1602. Thursday September 14

Six Sentence Stories

She wandered barefoot in the meadow, the soft grass caressing her feet.

‘Reach for the sky and cast aside the clouds’ an unseen voice murmured as all around, butterflies danced, birds whistled sweet melodies, and a waterfall splashed a thousand sparkling crystals into the air.

‘Reach high, reach far, and you shall touch paradise’ the unseen voice whispered whilst the sun's’ warm rays kissed her palms.

Her heart was filled with blissful hope as she reached higher and higher, walking on tippy-toes, hands held open in eager anticipation.

'Take care where you tread' said the unseen voice, then she tripped on a rock, fell and broke her arm.

‘Whoopsie’ the unseen voice chuckled, 'I did warn you!'

The cue at Six Sentence Stories is Cast.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Post 1601. Friday Fictioneers

It’s some time since I last told you what my friend Rosey has been up to, but this week's photo of bread reminded me of something!

Rosey rarely goes to church, but the other Sunday she wanted to attend Holy Communion. Being a bit out of practice she asked if I'd accompany her. Apart from occasionally sitting not standing and standing not sitting, she did pretty well. Midway she pointed out the service sheet said gluten-free communion bread was available which seemed to tickle her! Then in a hushed whisper, she asked me what the sanctified wine was; was it like Sancerre? I thought she was joking but with Rosey, you can’t be sure. I was worried that whilst receiving communion she’d ask if they served Chardonnay! Happily, she didn't.

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Thanks to Rochelle for hosting, and to Kelvin M Knight for the photo prompt.


Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Post 1600. Tuesday September 12

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

He was renowned for his potted plants. Potty Pete the locals called him. He had hundreds of them all over his patio, in the garden and indoors.

His wife Flora didn’t share his passion for terra cotta. ‘More interested in them than me’ she used to say.

It was no secret that Flighty Flora had several flings with local men, but when she became pregnant by the Catholic priest Pete decided enough was enough. 'Pack your bags and go' he shouted. 'I'm going nowhere' she yelled.

That afternoon while he was at the garden centre looking at plants she went berserk, smashing every one of his precious pots and trampling on his beloved flowers. Then she suddenly disappeared.

A couple of days later, after Pete had disposed of the debris, a truck arrived with a consignment of new pots, sacks of compost and masses of new plants. A couple days more and his displays were back to their former glory. He sat and admired his handiwork. Just one job remained – to clean the blood from his chainsaw.

Word count 174

Thank you Priceless Joy for hosting and shivamt25 for the photo.

Sunday, September 10, 2017


Post 1599. Sunday September 10

'I've had enough' she screams. 'Then leave' he yells. China smashes on the floorboards.

Beneath their feet, the river tumbles on its way.

'Ripe strawberries' bellows the trader in the bustling market. 'A pound a punnet'.

The river runs past unnoticed.

'It's your fault' he shouts surveying the damage to his car. 'No, it's yours the other motorist argues.

Close by, fish leap from the trickling water.

'Another bloody truck blocking the road' moans the frustrated driver thumping his steering wheel. A cacophony of car horns fills the air.

Alongside, a mother duck travels downstream, in her wake a line of frantically paddling ducklings.

A train crosses the metal bridge its wheels noisily click-clacking on the tracks.

Below an angler tugs his bowing rod as he retrieves his catch.

A sudden downpour; leaden raindrops roar as they bounce from the road.

A thousand silver coronets jump from the surface of the river, then all is calm again.

In the park a brass band plays, cymbals crash, drums beat and bugles boom.

A swan glides serenely past unmoved by the efforts of the bandsmen.

A songbird sings and a woodpecker rat-a-tats.

The river winds its way across the field leaving the city far behind.

Word count 201. Sorry about that!.

Thursday, September 07, 2017


Post 1598. Thursday September 7

Six Sentence Stories

I apologise in advance if you get stuck with a certain nursery rhyme going round and round in your head!

He peered out of the window and it was raining, pouring.  

‘I’ll have an early night’ thought the old man as he downed the last of his whisky.

His ancient joints clicked and crunched as he heaved himself to his feet then as he bent to massage his aching knees he bumped his head on the side-table.

‘Ouch,’ he said rubbing the swelling on his brow.

He climbed beneath the sheets and was contentedly snoring in seconds, however, a few minutes later the only sound to be heard was the rain hammering on the windowpane.

He didn't get up in the morning.

This week, the cue word at Six Sentence Stories is Joint.